Q Social Impact can guide your organisation
to become better in the eyes of all stakeholders.

 We strive to give our clients a personalised experience because we appreciate no two clients are alike. This is why we dedicate time to understanding your needs prior to identifying your value creation pathway.


  • Shared Value Strategic framework and measurement design for business and non-profits

  • Sustainability strategy development + strategic review

  • Sustainability coaching for leaders

  • Impact evaluation for business and non-profits

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Corporate Responsibility development + strategic review

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Project implementation

Being nimble means we can dial our offering up or down according to your needs. So if you have the people resources to deliver your new initiative, great! We can help skill them up. Otherwise our senior talent can be embedded in your project from ideation through to implementation. We also have capacity to align ourselves with other specialist firms to expand and bring you the best possible project team, should you require broader focus.